HZC 32

Rootball from 25 cm to 120 cm

The HZC32 is a machine projected and built to grant the best work capacity with the biggest security and results. This machine is in the middle between the HZC 29 and the HZC 38 with the blade of 120 cm, but with more power This machine is a development of the HZC 29, that in 1999 was the first one to work with the system of vertical lift up of the rootball with the blade. With this machine, moreover, we highly reduced the vibrations and increased the comfort for the operator with a better visibility during tree-digging.


Width (without blade)

265 cm

Width (with closed tracks)

99 cm

Width (with tracks open)

133 cm

Height (including roll cage)

230 cm


133 cm


2100 Kg (with blade)


Rubber 250 mm



1505 cc


4 cylinder turbo diesel engine STAGE V

Power (HP)

45 HP (33 Kw)

Rootball dimensions

Minimum diameter

25 cm

Maximum diameter

120 cm


First speed

0 ÷ 3,2 Km/h

Second speed

0 ÷ 6,2 Km/h

Optional Accessories

Cane Driver
Excavator arm
Telescopic arm
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