About Us

HOLMAC begins its activity in 1969, realizing products of precision to be employed in tool machines. In the early 70’s the company starts producing pumps and hydraulic components, to be employed in wood press machines and in car-lifters for car service. At the end of 70’s, the first hydraulic pump with motor dipped in the oil has experimented with success.

In 1981 came the big change: company know-how was directed towards the requirements of the nursery industry and perfected a revolutionary equipment, the hydraulic shovel, which represented the first practical mechanical tool for the work in the nursery. It became immediately a big success, because it was easy to use at extremely low operation costs, easily adaptable to the countless needs that arise in the nursery.

In the 90’s HOLMAC has become a leading international company thanks to a wide range of tracked treediggers that vary mainly in the rootball cutting size, from 25 to 80 cm, from 25 to 100 cm and from 50 to 150 cm in diameter. Almost all the machines have a sideways cutting movement that allows plants in the narrowest rows to be extracted. All models are fitted with a patented system of track opening and forwarding, which allows plants of considerable size to be handled.

Since 2002 the company is situated in a modern factory in a strategic logistic position. High-tech machinery and highly skilled personnel are employed for the manufacturing process to guarantee maximum precision in the production phases. In addition, a modern assembly line allows prompt, punctual deliveries. The thorough tests carried out along the whole production chain render HOLMAC machines more reliable over time and are the result of company philosophy that has always been intent on quality.

The efficiency of the HOLMAC equipment and special machines has its parallel in the dynamism of the whole company organization, which is reliable and ready to work with customer so that together we obtain the best results. An attitude that continues from contact and sale to after-sales, when service become fundamental. In this regards the company has several spare parts warehouses distributed in Italy and the rest of the world. The main ones are those at our Padua and Pistoia premises, and in Germany, France, Holland and the United States.