HZC 45

Rootball from 60 cm to 180 cm

The HZC 45 is a machine with technical and mechanical carachteristics really new, patented and omologated to grant the best work capacity with the biggest security and results. It’s available in four models, one model with standard control valves, one model with joystick, one model with telescopic crane and one model with vertical lifting system of the blade/vibrating unit.The HZC 45 is able to cut a rootball till a diameter of 180 cm and it has been developed to increase the drive comfort for the operator reducing highly the vibrations and permitting a better visibility during tree-digging operations. The patented opening/forwarding system of the tracks allows to lift up trees with rootballs till 150 cm of diameter.


Technical Sheet

Rootball Dimensions

Minimum diameter

60 cm

Maximum diameter

180 cm


Lenght (without blade)

295 cm

Width (with closed tracks)

114 cm

Width (with opened tracks)

163 cm

Height (roll-bar included)

225 cm


3640 kg (with blade)


Cubic capacity

2404 cc


4 cylinder turbo diesel engine Stage V


65,2 CV (48,6 Kw)


Rubber 300 mm


First speed

Max 2,2 Km/h

Second speed

Max 5,5 Km/h

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