HZC 30

Rootball from 25 cm to 100 cm

The HZC 30 is a treedigger which includes a series of innovations, the result of a search for solutions to simplify how people work in the nursery. To the standard equipment make parts: vertical system of lifting the rootball out of the ground, displacement of the blade/vibrator of 35° on both sides, patented independent opening/forwarding tracks system with centralized greaser, hydraulic system designed to ensure a greater speed of movement of approach to the tree, insulation system for the operator from the vibrations, adjustable holder arm for mounting blades of 25-30-35-40-45-50-55-60-65-70-80-90-100 cm


Technical Sheet

Rootball Dimensions

Minimum diameter

25 cm

Maximum diameter

100 cm


Lenght (without blade)

263 cm

Width (with closed tracks)

84 cm

Width (with opened tracks)

123 cm

Height (roll-bar included)

220 cm


1970 (with blade)


Cubic capacity

1505 cc


4 cylinder diesel engine Stage V


25 CV (18,5 Kw)


Rubber 230 mm


First speed

0 - 2,2 Km/h

Second speed

0 - 6 Km/h

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