HZC 24

Rootball from 25 cm to 80 cm

The HZC 24 is the treedigger suitable to middle size nurseries, because it permits to dig out trees with a rootball from 25 to 80 cm diameter, but the vibration frequency is suitable especially for trees with rootballs from 25 to 50 cm diameter. This means a very high production capacity, because an expert worker can dig out till 200 trees per hour.

Technical Sheet

Rootball Dimensions

Minimum diameter

25 cm

Maximum diameter

80 cm


Lenght (without blade)

237 cm

Width (with closed tracks)

84 cm

Width (with opened tracks)

123 cm

Height (roll-bar included)

213 cm


1570 kg (with blade)


Cubic capacity

1105 cc


3 cylinder diesel engine Stage V


25 CV (18.5 Kw)


Rubber 230 mm


First speed

Max 2,2 Km/h

Second speed

Max 6 Km/h

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